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September 26, 2016

Graffiti. Portugal is full of it. But while the travel websites and guide books don’t seem to distinguish graffiti (i.e., tagging or just scrawled words) from street art, I do.

Portugal is full of street art as well as graffiti. And the city of Porto in particular has an abundance of the former.

Below is a sampling. Enjoy!


Friendly . . . banana? Moon?


In Portugal, not only the buildings get the artistic treatment.

In Portugal, it’s not only buildings that get the artistic treatment.


Graffiti and street art both

Graffiti and street art side by side






Sometimes the taggers don't respect the artists' work, sadly.

Sometimes the taggers don’t respect the artists’ work, sadly.


Hey, don't ask me.

Hey, don’t ask me.







And then there is political art. Stenciled political statements are a pretty popular type of graffiti in Portugal. I saw this one in several different cities.



This is presumably political, given the Nike swoosh, Mercedes symbol and the Mona Lisa. What it’s trying to say, however, I have no clue. But you really have to admire way the artist used the space to created the illusion of continuity.





September 22, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I think the people who work at this shoe store are a bunch of pendants.


Yes, that's a Pringles vending machine. Now you know.

Yes, that is a Pringles vending machine. Now you know.

September 17, 2016

Spent a lovely afternoon and evening in the charming city of Porto (Don’t tell Lisbon, but I think I like it better.), taking waaaay too many photos. So in the interest of actually sleeping tonight, I chose ones from the latter portion of the evening, which are also, I think, the most dramatic.

Sunset over Porto

Porto by night, with Dom Luis I (aka Eiffel) Bridge

OK, it’s only really “also known as” the Eiffel Bridge by me, who can’t help wondering why it wasn’t named that—you know, like the tower. Though I suppose everything the guy built couldn’t be named after him. He’s not Donald Trump, after all.

Anyway . . .  point being, since I have been unable to remember which Luis’s bridge it is (V has been my default guess. So I was off by four. Or, I guess, IV.), I began thinking of it as the Eiffel Bridge. And this is my blog. So there you go.

Porto—and its across-the-Douro River cousin, Vila Nova de Gaia—by night

Porto—and its across-the-Douro-River-cousin, Vila Nova de Gaia—by night

Vila Nova de Gaia is, incidentally, where all the port is aged and stored, each in its respective vineyard’s port “cave”—which I thought was a word chosen by the port-wine-tourism conspiracy to lure us tourists in with something more exotic, mysterious and earthy-sounding than “cellar,” but turns out (Duh, Mia. Aren’t you glad you googled before posting?) to be Portuguese for, you guessed it, wine cellar.

Anyway . . .  point being, this is where the port-wine industry pays its membership dues to the port-wine-tourism conspiracy. Which is to say you can visit the caves (which are emphatically not caves) for tours and tastings. Which I, as a lover of wine and victim of conspiracies, of course plan to do. Tomorrow. Before I get on an early-evening bus bound for my next destination. Should be interesting.