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Slowly but surely getting my photos uploaded and ready for prime time. I’ve posted two new albums, the first from Kratie, my first stop in Cambodia, and my first day in which you may remember from The Facebook Chronicles: Outtake One.

Next one is Siem Reap, but just the town, not Angkor Wat, but that will be next. There are just so many photos to weed through. Which is how I’ve managed to put it off for four months. I do hope to get it done—and get them to you—soon.

Meantime, hope you enjoy these!

The Facebook Chronicles: Outtake One
A day in Kratie, Cambodia


gets out of bed with a plan for the day, for once. And a somewhat ambitious one at that.

will rent a bike, take it on a boat to an island, bike around for a few hours, come back, rest and eat if there is time, and leave by 4 pm for the hour bike ride needed to catch the dolphins feeding at sunset.

is disappointed that the hot water she changed rooms for (and paid more for) is lukewarm at best.

sorts out boiled eggs to go and a bicycle rental but remains unable to get WaMu to mail her a new ATM card to either Cambodia or her home address in New York.

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