Don’t worry, it definitely takes one to know one. I went looking for a specific post recently and realized in order to find it most directly on the blog I would have to know what month it had been posted. Yeah, right.

Here, then, is a full listing of posts—an archive I’ve created for both your benefit and mine.

August 2011
No hurricane please, we’re New Yorkers

The Daily Outrage

My guest blogging stint on The Rude Pundit

And now for something completely different

December 2010
The ghost of blogs past

September 2010
Speaking of regrets… (The saga of the assy)




October 2009

Another misstep

September 2009

Death rituals (part one)

Flat tires, animal sacrifice and Komodo dragons, oh my!

A teeny tiny update about teeny tiny updates

August 2009

More Bali photos

Greetings (and new photos) from Bali

June 2009

Six-word memoirs are back (in fact, they never really left)

May 2009

New (and by new I mean old) Cambodia photos

Talkin’ ’bout my girls

Street 172

April 2009
Hello moto! (an addendum)

More cement, more pigs (live and otherwise), more monks! And…jungle!

Dear motodup driver…

March 2009
On a roll…

Finally: more photos!

February 2009
Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys

Exciting news

January 2009
The Facebook Chronicles – Outtake One

Photos Photos Photos

December 2008
On Music – Part Two: Old-man rock and Chiang Mai music torture

On Music – Part One: Youth in Asia play Europe

On the farm

November 2008
The other Mia’s blog post

Photos galore

The Facebook Chronicles

October 2008
Welcome to miandering!